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greenhouse front

greenhouse front


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The Farm


The Donabedian Farm is located in Salem, New Hampshire between Route 28 and Lawrence Road. Our family began farming this tract of land in the early 1900’s. At that time, the principle crops were squash, cabbage, peppers, green beans, lettuces, and parsley.

Family Values

Over the years, the landscape of Salem has changed dramatically, yet Donabedian Farms has stood the test of time. A refreshing tract of green nestled amidst the commercial hustle and bustle of Route 28, it catches passersby by pleasant surprise. A full century has brought many changes, but the family values which are at the root of our farming tradition remain constant: a sense of stewardship and respect for the land.

“Local Movement”

With the recent “local movement”, our farming tradition is stronger than ever. As consumers are more conscious of where their food is coming from and who produced it, demand has increased for locally grown vegetables and herbs. Our farm has never been busier!

“Farm to Table”
Donabedian Farms is proud to offer high quality vegetables and herbs which are delivered within hours of picking, bringing to life the phrase “farm to table”. Farm offerings vary with weather conditions and the growing season.

For a fresh, local ingredient for your menu, please do not hesitate to ask us, “What are you picking today?”

bell peppers


butternut squash


aerial view of farm


winter at the farm