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More than 100 years after the first seed was planted, the family passion for the land and growing has expanded with the completion of our first state-of-the-art, hydroponic greenhouse. It is with a sense of pride and passion that we blend the traditional values of farming with the current technology of hydroponics. Lettuces and herbs will now be grown in 4,320 square feet of controlled, sustainable, pesticide-free environment. We are excited to be able to bring you the freshest produce available 365 days a year.

What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a production system that allows plants to grow without soil. Plants are grown entirely in a nutrient-rich water solution that is constantly flowing past the roots, allowing each plant to take up the necessary nutrients. The hydroponic system is housed in a climate-controlled greenhouse, allowing year-round production.

Why hydroponics?

Who is hydroponics?

Donabedian Farms’ very own hydroponic grower is Chris Grant of Essex, MA. Chris is a 2012 graduate of University of Massachusetts Amherst with a Bachelors of Science in Plant Soil & Insect Science: Horticulture Business. Prior to UMass, Chris attended Stockbridge School of Agriculture, earning an Associate of Science in Fruit & Vegetable Production. When Chris is not in the greenhouse, he can be found representing Massachusetts Young Farmers across the country, as well as working on his family’s farm in Essex, MA.

Donabedian Farms…growing 365 days a year,
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Donabedian Hydroponics

Chris Grant in the hydroponic greenhouse